F1 2013 Bahrain Grand Prix FP2 Raikkonen roars ahead

F1 2013 Bahrain Grand Prix FP2 Raikkonen roars ahead
Lotus E21 Looking Good at Bahrain – Image Courtesy Lotus F1 Team

F1 2013 Bahrain Grand Prix FP2 Raikkonen roars ahead

Bahrain Grand Prix Infocentre

Kimi Raikkonen again emphasised the potential of the Lotus E21 by closing the opening day of free practice at the Bahrain International Circuit with the fastest time of 1m 34.154s. The time was set using the medium compound Pirelli tyres in very hot conditions. Romain Grosjean ended the second session 7th fastest using a new chassis for this race. Both drivers used the latest front wing specification as debuted by Grosjean in China.

Terrible twins Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel followed in Raikkonen’s wake with Webber just 0.030s slower. Fernando Alonso, Paul Di Resta and Felipe Massa closed out the top six fastest in the final session of the day. Nico Rosberg was again the faster of the two Mercedes drivers who sandwiched the Force India VJM06 of Adrian Sultil to round out the top ten.

3.816s spanned the 22 drivers in the second session ¬†with the Caterham CT03 of Guido van der Garde slowest in this session. Only the top four drivers were able to beat Massa’s time of 1m 34.487s from the opening session.

F1 2013 Bahrain Grand Prix - Free Practice 2 Result
Lap Time
Speed Kph
Total Diff
Kimi RaikkonenLotusE2111m 34.154s206.9290.0000.00031167.8104.2
Mark WebberRed BullRB921m 34.184s206.8630.0300.03026140.787.4
Sebastian VettelRed BullRB931m 34.282s206.6480.0980.12829156.997.5
Fernando AlonsoFerrariF13841m 34.310s206.5870.0280.15629156.997.5
Paul Di-RestaForce IndiaVJM0651m 34.543s206.0780.2330.38935189.4117.7
Felipe MassaFerrariF13861m 34.552s206.0580.0090.39834184.0114.3
Romain GrosjeanLotusE2171m 34.631s205.8860.0790.47733178.6111.0
Nico RosbergMercedesF1W0481m 34.666s205.8100.0350.51237200.2124.4
Adrian SutilForce IndiaVJM0691m 34.932s205.2330.2660.77833178.6111.0
Lewis HamiltonMercedesF1W04101m 34.976s205.1380.0440.82229156.997.5
Jenson ButtonMcLarenMP4-28111m 35.356s204.3210.3801.20232173.2107.6
Jean-Eric VergneToro RossoSTR8121m 35.506s204.0000.1501.35236194.8121.1
Sergio PerezMcLarenMP4-28131m 35.589s203.8230.0831.43537200.2124.4
Daniel RicciardoToro RossoSTR8141m 35.761s203.4570.1721.60733178.6111.0
Nico HulkenbergSauberC32151m 36.133s202.6690.3721.97936194.8121.1
Pastor MaldonadoWilliamsFW35161m 36.279s202.3620.1462.12533178.6111.0
Valtteri BottasWilliamsFW35171m 36.579s201.7330.3002.42528151.594.2
Esteban GutierrezSauberC32181m 36.616s201.6560.0372.46234184.0114.3
Charles PicCaterhamCT03191m 37.061s200.7310.4452.90733178.6111.0
Max ChiltonMarussiaMR02201m 37.313s200.2120.2523.15933178.6111.0
Jules BianchiMarussiaMR02211m 37.363s200.1090.0503.20929156.997.5
Giedo Van Der GardeCaterhamCT03221m 37.970s198.8690.6073.81634184.0114.3


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