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Kimi Raikkonen Storms to victory in oz, Image Courtesy lotus F1 Team


F1 2013 Australian Grand Prix Race Hub – Kimi Raikkonen storms to Victory

Race Sumary

Kimi Raikkonen underlined the potential of the new Lotus E21 by storming to an emphatic victory at Melbourne’s Albert Park circuit in today’s Australian Grand Prix. and to further rub salt into the wounds of their fellow competitors the Lotus team and Raikkonen completed the race with only two pit stops whilst the rest of the top six finishers needed three. The race was run under dry conditions throughout with just a few spits of rain not enough to cause any issues.

Sebastian Vettel had led off the line and looked strong in the opening laps in contrast to his team mate Mark Webber who had a dreadful start from his front row grid position. Vettel was pursued by the Ferrari’s of Massa and Alonso off the grid with Hamilton fourth. Vettel and Massa were the first front runners to pit following which Alonso, Hamilton, Rosberg and Adrian Sutil took turns at the front. Sutil drove well under pressure leading until lap 22. Kimi Raikkonen then moved to the front of the field and Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes came to a halt out on track and retiring from the race on lap 27. As the pit stops took their course Alonso, Sutil, Massa, Raikkonen and Webber all had spells at the front but by lap 50 Raikkonen was in P1 and looking established. Although Alonso put up a spirited chase there was never any threat to the flying Lotus and Raikkonen duly took the flag to secure his 20th GP win some 12 seconds ahead of the Ferrari. Vettel finished third for Red Bull with Massa, Hamilton and Webber rounding out the top six. It was as expected following a poor practice and qualifying, a very disappointing start to the season for McLaren with Jenson Button finishing down in ninth place and Sergio Perez further back in eleventh. Despite Raikkonen’s strong form, inexplicably his team mate Romain Grosjean was never amongst the front runners, finishing down in tenth place. Adrian Sutil drove a strong race for Force India on his return to F1, leading the race and finishing seventh just ahead of team mate Paul Di Resta.

In all there were retirements for Rosberg, Ricciardo and Maldonado (Spun) and poor Nico Hulkenberg failed to start the race at all with his Sauber C32 suffering fuel problems.

Next weekend it all happens again in Malaysia where we will find out if the Lotus E21 and Kimi Raikkonen can continue to show the strong form in testing and follow up today’s race win with another strong performance at Sepang.

Race Result

Grand Prix of Australia | 17/03/2013 | Albert Park | Circuit Length 5.303 Km | Laps 58 | Total Distance 307.574 Km
Fastest Lap - Kimi Raikkonen 1m 29.274s Lap 56
1Kimi RaikkonenLotus1h, 30m, 03.225s025
2Fernando AlonsoFerrari1h, 30m, 15.676s12.45118
3Sebastian VettelRed Bull1h, 30m, 25.571s9.89515
4Felipe MassaFerrari1h, 30m, 36.802s11.23112
5Lewis HamiltonMercedes1h, 30m, 48.786s11.98410
6Mark WebberRed Bull1h, 30m, 50.025s1.2398
7Adrian SutilForce India1h, 31m, 08.293s18.2686
8Paul Di-RestaForce India1h, 31m, 11.674s3.3814
9Jenson ButtonMcLaren1h, 31m, 24.855s13.1812
10Romain GrosjeanLotus1h, 31m, 25.984s1.1291
11Sergio PerezMcLaren1h, 31m, 26.592s0.608
12Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso1h, 31m, 27.082s0.49
13Esteban GutierrezSauber1h, 30m, 32.317s1 Lap
14Valtteri BottasWilliams1h, 30m, 39.768s7.451
15Jules BianchiMarussia1h, 31m, 41.295s61.527
16Charles PicCaterham1h, 30m, 18.894s1 Lap
17Max ChiltonMarussia1h, 30m, 53.253s34.359
18Giedo Van Der GardeCaterham1h, 31m, 19.879s26.626
19Daniel RicciardoToro Rosso1h, 02m, 22.411sRET
20Nico RosbergMercedes0h, 41m, 13.999sRET
21Pastor MaldonadoWilliams0h, 38m, 48.024sRET
22Nico HulkenbergSauberDNS


Qualifying 3 Summary

Q3 was soon underway and saw Rosberg, Hamilton, Vettel, and Button take turns at the top of the time sheets, but at the end once again it was Vettel that snatched the pole position with a lap time of 1m 27.407s almost half a second ahead of team mate Mark Webber making it another Red Bull front row lockout. Lewis Hamilton was 3rd fastest ahead of the Ferrari’s of Massa and Alonso with Nico Rosberg closing out the top six. Kimi Raikkonen led the rest with Grosjean, Di Resta and Button completing the order. The circuit had dried sufficiently in this session for all drivers to use the Pirelli Red Super Soft tyres. McLaren struggled again strategically sending Button out too early and this decision resulted in him doing three laps on his super softs which were past their best by the time the fastest laps were set on the drying circuit and into the bargain leaving him with degraded tyres to start the race.

2013 Australian Grand Prix, Qualifying 3 - Albert Park, Melbourne 17th March
Lap Time
Speed Kph
Total Diff
Sebastian VettelRed BullRB911m 27.407s218.4130.0000.000631.8
Mark WebberRed BullRB921m 27.827s217.3680.4200.420631.8
Lewis HamiltonMercedesF1W0431m 28.087s216.7270.2600.680737.1
Felipe MassaFerrariF13841m 28.490s215.7400.4031.083737.1
Fernando AlonsoFerrariF13851m 28.493s215.7320.0031.086737.1
Nico RosbergMercedesF1W0461m 28.523s215.6590.0301.116737.1
Kimi RaikkonenLotusE2171m 28.738s215.1370.2151.331631.8
Romain GrosjeanLotusE2181m 29.013s214.4720.2751.606526.5
Paul Di-RestaForce IndiaVJM0691m 29.305s213.7710.2921.898421.2
Jenson ButtonMcLarenMP4-28101m 30.357s211.2821.0522.950526.5


Qualifying 2 Summary

Qualifying 2 held on race day commenced on a mostly dry track much to the relief of the teams, drivers and spectators following the downpours that brought Qualifying to a premature end yesterday. Although conditions were better, intermediates were still the flavour of the day with some trying slicks but to no avail. Rain kept away but was always a potential threat.

Throughout Q2 it was a battle between Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg for the top spot  with Alonso briefly appearing at the top of the time sheets only to be immediately displaced. Once again another poor and over optimistic decision by McLaren to put Button and Perez out on slicks ultimately cost Perez the chance to get into Q3, they really do seem to struggle strategically. At the end of the session it was Rosberg that ended up fastest with a time of 1m 36.194s, 0.330s ahead of Mark Webber with Vettel dropping back down the order to 7th.

2013 Australian Grand Prix, Qualifying 2 - Albert Park, Melbourne 17th March
Lap Time
Speed Kph
Total Diff
Nico RosbergMercedesF1W0411m 36.194s198.4610.0000.0001053.0
Mark WebberRed BullRB921m 36.524s197.7830.3300.3301053.0
Lewis HamiltonMercedesF1W0431m 36.625s197.5760.1010.4311053.0
Jenson ButtonMcLarenMP4-2841m 36.644s197.5370.0190.450947.7
Felipe MassaFerrariF13851m 36.666s197.4920.0220.472842.4
Fernando AlonsoFerrariF13861m 36.691s197.4410.0250.497947.7
Sebastian VettelRed BullRB971m 36.745s197.3310.0540.5511053.0
Paul Di-RestaForce IndiaVJM0681m 36.901s197.0130.1560.707947.7
Kimi RaikkonenLotusE2191m 37.517s195.7690.6161.3231053.0
Romain GrosjeanLotusE21101m 37.641s195.5200.1241.4471053.0
Nico HulkenbergSauberC32111m 38.067s194.6710.4261.873947.7
Adrian SutilForce IndiaVJM06121m 38.134s194.5380.0671.940947.7
Jean-Eric VergneToro RossoSTR8131m 38.778s193.2700.6442.584947.7
Daniel RicciardoToro RossoSTR8141m 39.042s192.7550.2642.8481053.0
Sergio PerezMcLarenMP4-28151m 39.900s191.0990.8583.706842.4
Valtteri BottasWilliamsFW35161m 40.290s190.3560.3904.096947.7


Qualifying 1 Summary

Fastest in Q1 also run in wet conditions was Nico Rosberg, with Fernando Alonso second fastest and Romain Grosjean third. There was a lot of action in the session with many drivers spinning or having off track excursions some damaging their cars in the process and some getting away with it. Both Caterham drivers and Felipe Massa removed the noses from their cars, Lewis Hamilton spun and caused superficial damage to the rear wing of his Mercedes W04 although this did not prevent him from continuing but did cause a worrying moment when he had to select reverse gear to get his car back onto the circuit. Esteban Gutierrez had a spin at the end of Q1 hitting the tyre wall quite heavily and damaging the nosecone and front wing conclusively in the process. Pastor Maldonado flew across the grass at high speed but did not make contact with the barriers and Mark Webber and Paul Di Resta both also had trips over the grass with no ill effects.

The six drivers that failed to make it through to Q2 were Maldonado, Gutierrez, Bianchi, Chilton, van der Garde and Pic.

So we must now wait until tomorrow morning to find out who will be the first pole sitter of 2013 and hopefully in dry conditions.

2013 Australian Grand Prix, Qualifying 1 - Albert Park, Melbourne 16th March
Lap Time
Speed Kph
Total Diff
Nico RosbergMercedesF1W0411m 43.380s184.6660.0000.0001158.3
Fernando AlonsoFerrariF13821m 43.850s183.8310.4700.4701053.0
Romain GrosjeanLotusE2131m 44.284s183.0650.4340.9041053.0
Sergio PerezMcLarenMP4-2841m 44.300s183.0370.0160.9201053.0
Mark WebberRed BullRB951m 44.472s182.7360.1721.0921053.0
Felipe MassaFerrariF13861m 44.635s182.4510.1631.255842.4
Sebastian VettelRed BullRB971m 44.657s182.4130.0221.2771158.3
Jenson ButtonMcLarenMP4-2881m 44.688s182.3590.0311.3081053.0
Jean-Eric VergneToro RossoSTR891m 44.871s182.0410.1831.4911053.0
Lewis HamiltonMercedesF1W04101m 45.456s181.0310.5852.0761263.6
Kimi RaikkonenLotusE21111m 45.545s180.8780.0892.1651158.3
Paul Di-RestaForce IndiaVJM06121m 45.601s180.7820.0562.2211053.0
Nico HulkenbergSauberC32131m 45.930s180.2210.3292.5501053.0
Daniel RicciardoToro RossoSTR8141m 46.450s179.3410.5203.0701053.0
Valtteri BottasWilliamsFW35151m 47.328s177.8730.8783.9481053.0
Adrian SutilForce IndiaVJM06161m 47.330s177.8700.0023.9501053.0
Pastor MaldonadoWilliamsFW35171m 47.614s177.4010.2844.2341158.3
Esteban GutierrezSauberC32181m 47.776s177.1340.1624.3961053.0
Jules BianchiMarussiaMR02191m 48.147s176.5260.3714.7671158.3
Max ChiltonMarussiaMR02201m 48.909s175.2910.7625.5291158.3
Giedo Van Der GardeCaterhamCT03211m 49.519s174.3150.6106.1391158.3
Charles PicCaterhamCT03221m 50.626s172.5711.1077.2461053.0

Summary of Saturday Practice

Romain Grosjean put the Lotus E21 at the top of the timesheets just before a heavy rain shower disrupted the latter half of the final free practice session for the 2013 Australian Grand Prix. the rain effectively put paid to any improvement in times with Grosjean heading the Ferrari’s of Alonso and Massa second and third fastest. Paul Di Resta, ¬†Kimi Raikkonen and Daniel Ricciardo rounded out the top six fastest. Drawing any conclusions from the session though is pretty meaningless. There was a minor drama for Sebastian Vettel whose Red Bull RB9 stopped out on track with a suspected hydraulic problem late in the session.

2013 Australian Grand Prix, Practice 3 - Albert Park, Melbourne 16th March
Lap Time
Speed Kph
Total Diff
Romain GrosjeanLotusE2111m 26.929s219.6140.0000.0001474.2
Fernando AlonsoFerrariF13821m 27.000s219.4340.0710.071737.1
Felipe MassaFerrariF13831m 27.241s218.8280.2410.3121053.0
Paul Di-RestaForce IndiaVJM0641m 27.533s218.0980.2920.604947.7
Kimi RaikkonenLotusE2151m 27.625s217.8690.0920.6961263.6
Daniel RicciardoToro RossoSTR861m 27.849s217.3140.2240.92019100.8
Jean-Eric VergneToro RossoSTR871m 27.860s217.2870.0110.9311684.8
Adrian SutilForce IndiaVJM0681m 28.069s216.7710.2091.1401579.5
Nico HulkenbergSauberC3291m 28.253s216.3190.1841.3241895.5
Esteban GutierrezSauberC32101m 28.253s216.3190.0001.32420106.1
Nico RosbergMercedesF1W04111m 28.486s215.7490.2331.5571368.9
Sebastian VettelRed BullRB9121m 29.808s212.5731.3222.879947.7
Mark WebberRed BullRB9131m 30.073s211.9480.2653.1441684.8
Jules BianchiForce IndiaVJM06141m 30.388s211.2090.3153.4591790.2
Giedo Van Der GardeCaterhamCT03151m 30.598s210.7200.2103.66920106.1
Charles PicCaterhamCT03161m 30.959s209.8840.3614.03019100.8
Jenson ButtonMcLarenMP4-28171m 33.236s204.7582.2776.307737.1
Sergio PerezMcLarenMP4-28181m 33.527s204.1210.2916.598842.4
Pastor MaldonadoWilliamsFW35191m 39.232s192.3865.70512.3031368.9
Valtteri BottasWilliamsFW35201m 39.779s191.3310.54712.8501368.9
Max ChiltonMarussiaMR02211m 42.872s185.5783.09315.9431368.9
Lewis HamiltonMercedesF1W04221m 47.246s178.0094.37420.317947.7

Summary of Friday Practice

You could be forgiven for thinking that is was business as usual today as Triple World Champion Sebastian Vettel carried on from where he left off last year. In the opening two practice sessions of the 2013 season at Melbourne’s Albert Park circuit Vettel finished at the top of the timesheets in the Red Bull RB9. Ominously for the rest of the field he was ably followed in the second session by team mate Mark Webber. In the opening session of the day Vettel eclipsed the Ferrari F138′s of Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso albeit finishing just 0.078s ahead of Massa and 0.336s ahead of Alonso.

In the second session the gap from Vettel to the closest non Red Bull car was 0.414s to third fastest Nico Rosberg in the Mercedes F1 W04. The usual protaganists occupied the top ten places in both sessions with one notable exception, the absence of McLaren. Jenson Button did end session one 9th fastest but that was the only glimmer of hope from the team today with Button dropping to 11th in session 2 and new boy Sergio Perez only able to record the 11th and 13th fastest times. Aside from McLaren, Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and Lotus all made it into the top ten with both cars in both sessions. Adrian Sutil performed well on his return with Force India easing the VJM06 into 8th and 9th fastest in the two sessions with team mate Paul Di Resta setting 13th and 12th best times. Of the two Ferrari drivers Alonso set the fastest lap overall in session 1 and despite only being 6th fastest was only 0.068s adrift of Vettel’s best time. Kimi Raikkonen was fastest of the two Lotus drivers in both sessions while at Mercedes Nico Rosberg was fastest in session 1 and Lewis Hamilton fastest in the final session of the day. There were some hiccups though with Rosberg stopping on track with a gearbox problem and Hamilton having a trip through the gravel due to damage to the floor of his car.

Other incidents in session two included spins for Webber, Vergne, Di Resta and van der Garde who ended up stuck in the gravel.

Overall 406 laps were completed in session 1 and 705 in session 2 giving an overall total of 5,892 Km of running by all teams combined. The time span from fastest to slowest was 5.177s in session 1 and 6.542s in session 2.

Tomorrow the chips are really down as the first Qualifying shoot out of the season beckons and for that there will be no sandbagging and no hiding place. Please bookmark this page and visit again, or better still subscribe to the blog. (Your email address is safe and will not be shared)

2013 Australian Grand Prix, Practice 2 - Albert Park, Melbourne 15th March
Lap Time
Speed Kph
Total Diff
Sebastian VettelRed BullRB911m 25.908s222.2240.0000.00033175.0
Mark WebberRed BullRB921m 26.172s221.5430.2640.26431164.4
Nico RosbergMercedesF1W0431m 26.322s221.1580.1500.41426137.9
Kimi RaikkonenLotusE2141m 26.361s221.0580.0390.45338201.5
Romain GrosjeanLotusE2151m 26.680s220.2450.3190.77232169.7
Fernando AlonsoFerrariF13861m 26.748s220.0720.0680.84035185.6
Lewis HamiltonMercedesF1W0471m 26.772s220.0110.0240.86428148.5
Felipe MassaFerrariF13881m 26.855s219.8010.0830.94732169.7
Adrian SutilForce IndiaVJM0691m 27.435s218.3430.5801.52735185.6
Nico HulkenbergSauberC32101m 28.187s216.4810.7522.27934180.3
Jenson ButtonMcLarenMP4-28111m 28.294s216.2190.1072.38630159.1
Paul Di-RestaForce IndiaVJM06121m 28.311s216.1770.0172.40337196.2
Sergio PerezMcLarenMP4-28131m 28.566s215.5550.2552.65833175.0
Daniel RicciardoToro RossoSTR8141m 28.627s215.4060.0612.71931164.4
Esteban GutierrezSauberC32151m 28.772s215.0540.1452.86433175.0
Pastor MaldonadoWilliamsFW35161m 28.852s214.8610.0802.94436190.9
Jean-Eric VergneToro RossoSTR8171m 28.968s214.5810.1163.06036190.9
Valtteri BottasWilliamsFW35181m 29.386s213.5770.4183.47839206.8
Jules BianchiMarussiaMR02191m 29.696s212.8390.3103.78832169.7
Charles PicCaterhamCT03201m 30.165s211.7320.4694.25737196.2
Max ChiltonMarussiaMR02211m 30.600s210.7150.4354.69236190.9
Giedo Van Der GardeCaterhamCT03221m 32.450s206.4991.8506.5421158.3
2013 Australian Grand Prix, Practice 1 - Albert Park, Melbourne 15th March
Lap Time
Speed Kph
Total Diff
Sebastian VettelRed BullRB911m 27.211s218.9040.0000.0001684.8
Felipe MassaFerrariF13821m 27.289s218.7080.0780.0781790.2
Fernando AlonsoFerrariF13831m 27.547s218.0630.2580.3361684.8
Lewis HamiltonMercedesF1W0441m 27.552s218.0510.0050.3411895.5
Mark WebberRed BullRB951m 27.668s217.7620.1160.4571895.5
Kimi RaikkonenLotusE2161m 27.877s217.2450.2090.6661790.2
Nico RosbergMercedesF1W0471m 28.013s216.9090.1360.8021790.2
Adrian SutilForce IndiaVJM0681m 28.426s215.8960.4131.21519100.8
Jenson ButtonMcLarenMP4-2891m 28.440s215.8620.0141.22919100.8
Romain GrosjeanLotusE21101m 28.520s215.6670.0801.3091579.5
Sergio PerezMcLarenMP4-28111m 28.597s215.4790.0771.38619100.8
Nico HulkenbergSauberC32121m 28.786s215.0200.1891.57519100.8
Paul Di-RestaForce IndiaVJM06131m 28.910s214.7210.1241.6991895.5
Pastor MaldonadoWilliamsFW35141m 29.443s213.4410.5332.23220106.1
Valtteri BottasWilliamsFW35151m 29.928s212.2900.4852.71719100.8
Esteban GutierrezSauberC32161m 30.203s211.6430.2752.9921790.2
Jean-Eric VergneToro RossoSTR8171m 30.729s210.4160.5263.5181790.2
Daniel RicciardoToro RossoSTR8181m 30.969s209.8610.2403.75819100.8
Jules BianchiMarussiaMR02191m 31.263s209.1840.2944.05224127.3
Max ChiltonMarussiaMR02201m 32.176s207.1120.9134.96523122.0
Charles PicCaterhamCT03211m 32.274s206.8930.0985.06321111.4
Giedo Van Der GardeCaterhamCT03221m 32.388s206.6370.1145.1771895.5

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